Friday, June 27, 2014

Congratulations to Al Mann, Mannkind corp, Patients and Shareholders


We’ve been waiting forever for this day to come. Upon hearing the news of approval, I thought of Winston Churchill’s quote

“Victory at all costs, 
victory in spite of all terror, 
victory however long and hard the road may be; 
for without victory, there is no survival.”

First Congratulations and thanks to Al Mann for his tenacity, perseverance and capital infusion. I’m not aware of any individual in the world, past or present who has put more than a billion dollars of personal funds into a single drug. Al Mann could have built the most expensive yacht or bought an island. He chose to help sick people. The world needs more people like him. I was so moved by his commitment and generosity that it made me start this blog. This is in spite of Mr. Market’s negative reaction, competitor’s capitulation on inhaled insulin, persistent naysayers and a clueless FDA (not in any particular order). We are glad that better sense prevailed in FDA after the adcom meeting.

Many thanks to CFO Matt Pfeffer for taking my calls and promptly responding to my emails. Many thanks to people who have helped me add useful content to this blog.

I’m happy for the patients who now have another option. I hope Afrezza lives up to its promise. I hope that the profits from Afrezza will help find us a permanent cure for Diabetes and other diseases.

Many thanks to the readers of this blog. I hope I made a small difference in helping you make a better investment decision. I may not post much from now on. But do check it out once in a year.

Yours truly

Mannkindfan @

Afrezza label

FDA approves Afrezza

Thursday, May 8, 2014

GoogleBooks Ngram viewer–Diabetes



What does the Ngram Viewer do?

When you enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books.

I tried some key words linked to Diabetes and got an interesting graph. We as humans, collectively focus and allocate resources on issues that concern us. Our concerns get reflected in the books we write. We write more about Diabetes, Insulin etc. These are captured by the GoogleBooks Ngram tool. The trend line is interesting to say the least.



Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Diabetes and Brain


An interesting article. and

"Somehow diabetes is doing something to the brain that results in tissue loss (death of cells)," says Dr. Rosebud Roberts, professor of epidemiology and neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, who was not involved with this new research.

Roberts says scientists are still trying to understand why cells are dying. Their best guess is that it's related to both too little and too much glucose in the brain.  Glucose is the brain's food and when you have diabetes, brain cells may not be getting enough nutrients, so they can die. Another possibility is that too much glucose in the brain can also kill cells.”


Afrezza offers lower glycemic variability (minimizes the highs and lows).